“What would you like to tell fellow students about the Writing Center?”

After each session, we ask students this question in an online survey. Here are some of the responses making us blush this month.

December 2013

It don’t matter how tall, how large or how small–the writing center is awesome and open for all!

I wish I have used the writing center earlier. This is my final semester and I’m going to miss this.

The writing center is great!!! If you need help go here to receive it. I know I will continue coming until I graduate from Baruch.

They are really helpful. If you have any problems with writing papers they will definitely help you. They were really nice when I was there. I strongly suggest you to use writing center.

The Writing Center is very helpful! You should take advantage of this resource to improve your writing not only for your class grade but also for your personal achievements!

The writing center is one of the most useful resources in Baruch and I advised students to use this more often as most classes in Baruch requires students to write papers.

It is more helpful than what you imagine. I thought I would be helped by another student, but I was helped by a professional.

The writing center is truly amazing. I am still not sure why anyone would not use. Even if you are a great writer most of the consultants are teachers and could give you great feedback from a teachers point of view. And its free!

Strongly recommend to students who are struggling in writing. Don’t hesitate to ask help. Consultants are always helpful and available there. The flexible schedule allows students to walk in.


November 2013

Everyone can benefit from having a second set of (educated and mindful) eyes look at your work.

The center will give you constructive feedback and help you write better technically.

The writing center is so helpful and flexible. I’ll definitely come back again.

This is a free tool to help and improve your writing! Who wouldn’t use it?

Every time I visit the center, I bring along one-two questions about English in addition to main goal of the visit – the homework or a term paper I seek to improve. The center’s consultants are accomplished people and may give serious advice on how to write better.

Writing center is great! I always have a good experience in every session and the consultants are very knowledgeable and helpful.

This is really a very high quality service. And the place and the staff are kind of cool! Good experience.

The Writing Center is an amazing place to master the craft of Writing.

We have an awesome writing center to help improve writing.

I plan to use the writing center the day after I get a writing assignment.  I think their help is awesome in forming a thesis and a sound plan for my writing until I am better at doing that on my own.  They help to cut down on the time I waste in writing.


October 2013

Baruch College Writing Center Rocks!

I would definitely recommend to visit Writing center before they have to submit their paper. Very helpful experience.

If you are having difficulties writing a paper, this tutoring will help a great deal.

Please do not take advantage of the Writing Center, so there will be more spots for me ;)

the best writing center ever

Writing Center session help me make quite clear thesis statement through brainstorming. I understand how can I approach essays, and writing center gives me courage.

I never felt more confident about my writing until I went to the Writing Center.

Even without a draft, you can gain so much information and knowledge on how to start your essay. If you are stuck and just cannot seem to go on, the Writing Center definitely helps you get out of it.

Take advantage of the resource for someone to look at your paper from a fresh perspective.

It helps you and gives you confidence.

If you’re lost on a writing assignment go to the writing center! It’s so helpful and I would have never been able to finish or even start my essay without the writing center.

I think the writing center is very helpful, it helps us as students can understand our own problems when we are writing or drafting an essay. Also, it also gives me some suggestions in developing a strong thesis and smooth flows in a paragraph.

They should be utilizing this place, it really helps. They do not write your paper for you, rather they help you think. And  a good thinker is a good writer.

Please take advantage of this excellent place to help you improve your English writing skills.

Its amazing!


September 2013

It is worth it. If you can’t make it to campus, do it from home and chat online with the consultant. Excellent resource!! Thank you.

I would tell them that the Writing Center is great! They have helped me a lot in terms of becoming a better writer, making sure my writing is clear and structured, and improving on grammar. They always provide helpful suggestions which have made my papers better. I have gained more confidence as a writer because of their help.


Every student should definitely use the Writing Center. I normally use it before I submit applications and my applications are significantly better after visiting the center!

After one session in the writing center, I was able to specifically see what had to be critiqued about my writing style. With the help of a professional one-on-one, you’re able to see just how much your writing could always be improved. I highly recommend the writing center as a comfortable and professional place to go to get writing assistance.

The Writing Center is amazing! Even though an hour may sound like a long time, it flies by. The consultants are incredibly patient and will walk you through what they believe is best for you.

The writing centre has helped me to have a great knowledge of reading the issues very well, planning, organizing and making connection before I start to write. My writing has become better than before. Thank you to the writing centre staff.

I loved how detailed the responses of the consultants were in eTutoring. You can tell that they actually read your essay, and they genuinely care about helping you produce your best work possible. 10/10 would recommend.

The writing center is an excellent academic source that will encourage you to become an excellent writer.

I will tell fellow students that the Writing Center’s consultants will help you feel more confident about yourself as a writer. The Writing Center is extremely useful and even online sessions can be supremely productive! Take advantage of the Writing Center’s resources and book two appointments per week, every week and you’ll notice that your writing skills improve.