“What would you like to tell fellow students about the Writing Center?”

After each session, we ask students this question in an online survey. Here are some of the responses making us blush this month.

March 2015

I had such a weak background with writing papers. I tried my best to avoid having a class with a paper involved but I was never able to have that happen. So I made the choice of coming to the writing center to help me gain better writing abilities. I’ve been working with a consultant for about 2 years now at Baruch and every session I have with her definitely increases my writing skills. The paper I’ve been working on over my past sessions this semester, we were able to see my how much my writing has improved since I first began working on writing better. I use writing skills that I’ve never had before and it definitely pays off.

The writing center is for all types of writers and you don’t need a draft, just come in with an idea and you will receive all the help you could want.

The writing center is a very useful resource that most students should use to do well on their paper.

You can bring your writing at any stage, be a first draft, outline, revision whatever and get help.

Go to it. Your essay will improve and you will learn new techniques to edit your essay.

Sometimes our work just looks flawless but it is not until we go over with someone that we see the mistakes in it. The Writing Center is a very helpful resource for students and provides great help for all kinds of writings.

The writing center isn’t there to write your paper for you, but they will help you make your paper more organized and reevaluate your thesis and examples to create a stronger essay.

The Writing Center is the most useful resource if you have trouble or struggles with your papers. I find this center to be very convenient, it can be either conducted through online or in person.

Don’t be afraid to go even if you are completely clueless about your essay, it will help you think of something.

You need it. Trust me.

I will tell my fellow students to visit the writing center very often.

Use it as it is a great resource to have extra eyes on a paper before submission. My opening paragraph was improved based on the recommendations of the consultant.

I’m really shy, but I’m extremely glad I went to the Writing Center. I’ll definitely be coming to the Writing Center more often. Fair warning, be sure to set your appointment early!

February 2015

The writing center is very friendly and people shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help on their writing.

I am very happy for having the chance of knowing that there is help to help me write better!!! :)

I found this type of workshops help the student in how to develop a good paper. I found it extremely important to write a great essay or report paper.

It’s a nice resource for international students. We should take advantage of it.

Make visits as many as you can to improve writing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

The Writing Center is an excellent resource if your professors have a limited amount of time to work with you. You’re sure to leave with a better paper and a better sense of what you’re doing.

January 2015

I will definitely recommend the Writing Center to all other students who are struggling with their writings.

Writing is a constant improvement, so it takes time to achieve a perfect writing skill. If they keep constantly going to the writing center, their writing skill will definitely improve by the end of their course

going to the writing center is always a good idea

December 2014

I would tell my fellow students to check out the writing center.

The Writing Center provides a lot of useful material for different kind of papers for each course! Very efficient conferences!

Visiting the writing center makes a tremendous difference!


This is a very flexible service that is designed to fulfill the students individual needs for that project.

I was blown away by the results from this one on one session. The writing center is definitely a valuable resource.

The consultant helped me discover and improve a pattern of my mistakes. He really helps you improve your writing not just your paper and encourages whatever right thing you are doing. Over all, he was very patient, kind and fun to work with. As a person who runs away from writing essays, I feel confident about my paper now and I would love to have a professor helpful as him.

A great expansion and improvement to my life!

Everyone so friendly and welcoming, it feels like my home away from home!

The writing center is the best program Baruch run so far, or I have seen. Students have to be well prepare before going at writing center. Students would get great feedback from writing consultants if they did most of the work before visit the writing center.

Yes, definitely, they are helpful and insightful. It is always refreshing to have a second point of view especially since they are experienced writers themselves.