In addition to our one-to-one work with students, we host small-group workshops in the Fall and Spring semesters. In these 90-minute sessions, a consultant teaches an essential academic writing skill, one you’ll be able to apply to assignments in virtually every discipline or department. Together, you and other motivated students will practice new strategies in an intimate classroom setting.

This semester, we offer the following 16 workshops:

  • Cover Letters (NEW!)
  • Interpreting Assignments
  • Reading Strategically
  • Analyzing Texts
  • Analyzing Images
  • Evidence, Analysis, and Claims
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Developing Thesis Statements
  • Controlling an Argument with Topic Sentences
  • Focusing Research Topics
  • Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting
  • Using Sources Strategically
  • Summarizing and Responding to Sources
  • Ethical Writing and Source Use
  • Writing for Readers’ Needs
  • Developing Revision Strategies

Workshops take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 12:30-2 in the Feit Seminar Room (NVC 8-190). Click here for a complete Spring 2015 Workshop schedule.

Preparing for workshops

You’re welcome to attend any workshop at any time, space permitting. But you’ll definitely get more from your workshop experience if you bring materials related to a specific reading, research, or writing project, just as you would for a one-to-one session. Each workshop includes time for independent application of what you’re learning, as well as a chance to discuss your work with the consultant-facilitator.

You may register for as many workshops as you’d like on our online scheduler. Look for the dropdown menu in the middle of the scheduler’s main page, and select “Workshops and Write Ins.” You can then click to join the group appointments associated with each workshop date.

So that we can best serve all students, we ask for your courtesy.

  • Arrive on time. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late for a workshop will not be permitted to join the room. All workshops take place in the Main Writing Center in the Vertical Campus.
  • Cancel your registration if you can’t make it. You can do this yourself on the online scheduler, or give us a call (646.312.4012). If you miss a workshop without canceling, your online scheduler account will be suspended and you won’t be able to make future appointments for either workshops or one-to-one sessions until we hear from you.