About Us

The Writing Center offers free support to all Baruch students. Our professional consultants—teachers of college writing and writers themselves—work collaboratively with you to deepen your writing and English language skills. At any step in the process, we’ll help you become a more independent, confident, and versatile writer.

For example, we can help you more effectively

  • understand assignments, feedback, and audiences
  • respond critically to texts
  • generate and organize ideas
  • develop thesis statements
  • evaluate sources
  • structure sentences, paragraphs, and whole papers
  • draft, revise, and edit your own work

No matter what you’re working on—Great Works essays, executive summaries, business plans, lab reports, case analyses, resumes and cover letters, PowerPoint presentations, Master’s theses, or personal writing—we provide invested, attentive readers who will recognize your strengths and teach you specific strategies to improve your writing.