“What would you like to tell fellow students about the Writing Center?”

After each session, we ask students this question in an online survey. Here are some of the responses making us blush this month.


The Writing Center is a great resource!

The Writing Center’s employees are super friendly and are quick to respond.

Consultants are very friendly and professional. They try to help you to achieve your goals.

The Writing Center is a great resource that not only helps students become better writers, it will also benefit us in our future careers.


The Writing Center is a good resource to use when you aren’t totally confident in your work. Having another pair of eyes to read and check your writing is always a good idea.

The Writing Center is helpful for any project.

I really appreciate the Writing Center! Thank you!!


Writing Center consultants really care about how a student’s writing turns out. They don’t just scan essays, they go through it step by step and provide very helpful feedback along the way.

Extremely useful. Everyone should go, not just once but multiple times throughout the semester to touch up on their writing skills, even if you think you know everything about writing. Everyone at the writing center is extremely helpful.

Going to the writing center always help me figure out what’s best for my essays and writing. It also builds my confidence and makes me better in my writing skills.

From the front desk to the tutor, the Writing Center is very willing to help students write an effective paper. Seek their help. They have a wealth of knowledge ready to share with students.


Very helpful. I feel that the Writing Center helps me improve my academic performance and writing skills.

Go to the Writing Center! It will definitely help you improve your writing!


Sessions at the Writing Center are useful and helpful. I am very happy to have access to this resource.

You cannot lose with the Writing Center! Your writing can only improve with this resource.


The Writing Center really helps if you want to get a better ideas for your paper and even become a better writer.

Visit the Writing Center! It is worth the time.


The Writing Center is definitely worth going to. It will not only help you with your assignment, but improve your skills has a writer as well.

Uncomfortable with your paper? Get a shape-up with the expert opinions of the Writing Center staff.

You might think you don’t need it, but you do!


Immediately after leaving the Writing Center I informed my classmate that the session was extremely beneficial and the feedback allowed me to feel more confident in my writing. I encouraged them to take the opportunity to go regardless of where they are in the writing process.

Take advantage of the talented staff at the Writing Center. They will help you improve your writing in ways that will make you feel confident and satisfied with what you have written.

The Writing Center is very helpful!

Please go to the Writing Center. If you want to do well, just go! It’s completely free and everyone is really nice. It really helped me.

Even good writers can learn the finer details to improve their ability to effectively communicate ideas to others.

They are super cool and helpful! 😉

September 2017

The Writing Center is a great resource!

I strongly urge other students to take advantage of this useful resource. The Writing Center is extremely helpful for a bilingual person like myself. The consultants provide feedback in such a positive manner that it helps me finish my paper confidently.

The Writing Center is a great resource to use; don’t neglect what it has to offer. The Writing Center will help you excel.

The advisors at the Writing Center are very helpful and professional. You will learn a lot from them!

August 2017

The Writing Center is very helpful. The place is open and friendly.

It’s a great tool to help you improve your writing skills.

Very helpful and professional!

The Writing Center was a very useful tool and the personnel/staff are extremely friendly and encouraging. They really help you dig deeper into your writing piece and I made good use of my 50 minutes brainstorming and bettering my ideas.

July 2017

It can be intimidating to share your work with other people, but rather than criticize, my advisor helped me enhance my ideas and was very supportive the whole time.

June 2017

It’s a good place for you to get professional ideas about how to write a good paper and improve your writing abilities.

May 2017

The writing center is about helping you. Even if you don’t know what your assignment truly is do not feel down when trying to get home. The instructor will help you figure it out. Do NOT feel intimidated at all.

Please do no feel insecure about showing your essays to your consultants. They will not criticize your work. They’re very helpful and patient for your needs in writing.

Go to the writing center, even if you have almost no doubts about your essay. I felt confident in my essay and still went to the writing center and got so much feedback that will only enhance my essay and knowledge for future essays.

Schedule an appointment and follow up appointment far in advanced!

The Writing Center at Baruch College is the best center I have ever visited. I have been to more than 20 and always felt embarrassed to go back. Baruch Writing Center builds your confidence in writing

April 2017

The staff is all welcoming. [My consultant] was very helpful and attentive when it came to my concerns towards my paper. She was happy to answer any questions that I had and was very helpful when I needed guidance in organizing my thoughts better.

That this session really makes a huge differences in the quality of your assignment.

Be prepared to learn, and your writing skills will be improved.

The Writing Center was very helpful to me, especially if you feel like, I felt—having writers block and having difficulty putting your thoughts together (on paper).  She helped me to realize that it was not as difficult as  I thought.

Use the resources provided by Writing center, because it gives you a great opportunity to improve your communication skills. Mastery of the language will open up many doors for you in the professional world and will help you on the personal level.

March 2017

The consultant really went through everything with me, gave me amazing feedback and truly helped me. She facilitated my development and helped me get on the right track. One of the most successful appointments I’ve ever had at any baruch extra help center

Summarize the new things your learned a little bit after each appointment to improve your English in the long run.

Writing Center will help you crystallize your ideas into concrete sentences by making them more articulate and effective.

Yes! The Writing Center is a great resource!

The Writing Center motivates you to become a better writer and challenges you to dig up your creative side.

I learned something new today from my consultant and will definitely come back!

I found the Writing Center to be really helpful. I recommend the program to anyone who is struggling with reading/writing.

February 2017

Go to the Writing Center!

The Writing Center is very helpful, and filled with qualified advisors.

January 2017

The Writing Center is a fantastic place to transform your small idea into a big, amazing idea.

I always encourage people to go to the Writing Center because I believe my writing skills improved tremendously there!

The Writing Center is a useful resource for students!

December 2016

This is a great service that you should take advantage of in the near future. The Writing Center is an opportunity that you don’t want to waste.

Go to the writing center. Don’t be shy, do it.

November 2016

The consultation was not intimidating at all. The main focus is on you and your writing. It’s worth the visit to polish your paper.

If you’re struggling, the Writing Center will definitely pick you up.

Make the most of it! It’s a great resource for any stage of the writing process.

Use the Writing Center to help brainstorm and figure out which direction to head with your ideas!

Don’t submit a paper without it!

You will feel confident in becoming a better writing after your first time using the Writing Center!

October 2016

I’d highly recommend using this service.

You guys are great!

Before our brainstorming session, I was convinced that I was thoroughly at sea regarding my paper’s argument. After our session, or by means of it, I realized I already had the skeleton of my paper.

My consultant’s feedback on my paper helped me improve my work and strengthen my writing skills.

Great service that everyone should use!

September 2016

No matter how skilled you are at writing, you can learn something from the Writing Center that will help you.

It’s a free tutoring session that improves your writing skills in school and life generally.

This is a great service!!! I received extremely helpful feedback on a paper I wrote. Please make use of this wonderful resource! Thank you, Writing Center!!!!

Great service – take the opportunity!

One of the best consulting department at Baruch, all international students should come here to work with an advisor to improve their writing skills.

August 2016

Go to them whenever you need help with a writing assignment or personal writing. They are very friendly and helpful.

July 2016

The Writing Center is very helpful for personal writing or any kind of writing assignments.

Come ready to learn and gain valuable experience from the Writing Center!

Go there. Ask questions. Go again.

I would tell my fellow students that they should come in. It doesn’t matter if you are a strong writer or struggle with it. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful!

June 2016

I would highly recommend the Writing Center to other students who would like to improve their writing skills.

May 2016

This is a great resource for students who are unsure about the quality of their assignments (in terms of grammar or anything else) and need feedback from an expert. Thank you people of the Writing Center!!!

They are friendly, accommodating, a great resource and extremely hardworking and talented.

I recommend a visit for all students, regardless of their grade during a draft. The people at the Writing Center provide different perspectives to further improve your paper.

April 2016

It is definitely something to take advantage of. I submitted my document online and got amazing feedback. It made me feel like I was able to improve my paper. I will definitely use this service again.

Use the Writing Center–it’s a great resource to help you in any stage of writing. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. You will leave more confident in you ability to grow as a writer.

As an international student, the Writing Center is a necessary tool to highlight and understand the mistakes I wouldn’t have been able to correct otherwise. The online sessions are very convenient!

March 2016

Take advantage while you’re still attending college. The Writing Center has lots of experienced writing consultants who can help you improve your writing abilities.

The instructors are really welcoming and it really changes your way of writing. As college students, we need to write beyond summaries and what your professor tells you in class.

It’s a tool I wish I had made use of sooner. It’s worth a visit, even if just once.

The Writing Center is a hidden treasure!

I would recommend students go to the Writing Center. It was a helpful experience for me.

The Writing Center is the best way to improve your writing skills.

February 2016

You need to try the Writing Center at least once. I received the best help of my life.

It’s great! The staff is extremely welcoming. One of my biggest fears was that I would have a writing expert point out every grammatical error without helping me truly understand how to improve my writing content, but my experience was the opposite. We discussed content and then went over the minor grammar details, which made me get the most out of the session!

They can really help you with anything!

It is a very helpful place with outstanding professionals

January 2016

There is much to be gained by bringing your writing project to the center, at any stage in its development.

Come, that’s all I can say. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. It makes a great difference in writing.

December 2015

Take the time to use the writing center! It’s a great resource and something that will help you improve as a writer throughout your time at Baruch and beyond!

If you want to improve English writing skill, I definitely recommend to go to Writing Center.

Very helpful! I wish I had started coming sooner even though I never felt like I needed to visit the writing center.

I would like to tell the students that I find the Writing Center very helpful not only to work on your assignments, but also improve your writing skills. And working with extremely professional consultants was interesting and useful.

I wish I would have taken this assistance earlier in my masters career. 🙁

The writing center helped me to focus on my work in an easy and painless way. Instead of readily giving me the answers they used helpful prompts to lead me and strengthen my writing in the long run. The prompts also gave me a new strategy when starting my writing that will make it significantly easier the next time I’m faced with a writing assignment.

The Writing Center is a great way to stress test one’s ideas.

November 2015

Before i actually went, I was worry that if the instructor is going to be very serious. But turns out the instructor is very easy-going and helpful. She provides insightful suggestions and helps me to write better.

Do not be afraid to go in.  I have been postponing my visit because i thought that it would feel awkward to display any type of writing weakness.  I am glad that i finally went.

It’s really helpful and if you’re stuck on something, definitely come here for help.

I encourage students to take this opportunity because they will help you understand and think more in deep about what you are writing. They guide you in a way that you have no idea until you realize how come I did not think this way before?

Every student should use it. I am very pleased with the resources that the writing center offers.

I would highly recommend them to use the Writing Center because there is always at least one thing that can help improve one’s writing.

They are very helpful and nice.

October 2015

I highly recommend using this service for the brainstorming portion of your project!

This is probably the best tool offered anywhere! Use it whenever needed!!!

It helped me a lot to improve the quality of my paper.

My work will definitely improve due to this appointment.

It’s a great place to clean up and improve your writing, even when you think your paper is perfect.

The Writing Center helps you become mindful of what to improve and how to improve it using your strengths. Hence, you walk away both feeling good and determined to do better.

It is a great place to help you develop your writing in all aspects.

September 2015

When coming to the writing center, be prepared. At least know what you want to write about, say or express. Have a draft, outline and the prompt for the essay ready. The staff are very friendly and helpful. But you have to meet them half way on the bridge.

. . . The people in the writing center are very polite when it comes to expressing ideas for essays. It is great.

Friendly staff that focus of helping you improve as a writer.

The writing center helped me overcome my difficulties in English. I feel very confident when I go there I will get help with anything I need any writing in, starting from anylizing a poem to getting help with a resume.

Regardless of your writing skill, you should visit the writing a few times a semester

The writing center is welcoming and allows you to see your mistakes on your own, with guidance they help you correct your mistakes.

This is a very friendly place to be 🙂 you should all go and get more insight on how to write!

August 2015

I truly feel visiting the writing center at Baruch for the first time has increases my confidence in myself and academic future success.

It’s a very fun and productive session!

Don’t hesitate to bring your paper to the Writing Center even it seems to be perfect. There will be always an improvement in your writing.

make an appointment right now if you take ENG class this semester!

The writing center is always helpful in assisting me with my papers.  I always leave feeling confident I can do the assignment better.

A visit to the Writing Center is a MUST to succeed on any paper, scholarship essay or speech. They really help you flush your message in a sophisticated way and they are very friendly and inviting.

July 2015

I would encourage every student to seek out help at the writing center at least once, as it was helpful to me. I will definitely be back at some point in the future.

Please, if you need help, you should definitely go! Even if you don’t think you need help, the staff is beyond helpful and are all excellent writers! Go, go, go!

Great way to help you improve your writing skills.  Everyone is very helpful at the writing center.

June 2015

I recommend it because it is there for your benefit. It is a free service that Baruch provides and should be used for self improvement in writing.

The Writing Center is a very useful resource that students should take advantage of at no extra cost. The consultants are very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend.

I totally recommend it to anybody who has to write an academic paper, even if English is his mother tongue.

May 2015

The writing center is my favorite resource at Baruch. As always, thanks.

That it is the most valuable resource on campus! Please use it!

It helps taking your writing to another level and expand already existing ideas you may have to create a perfect outline for your paper.

Going there to get professional, scientific help !

The writing center is not just somewhere you go to have someone revise a paper or assignments its a learning environment. I’ve been to many writing centers before in my two previous schools and ever time i went i would leave the area with just a revised paper and nothing more. Here at the Baruch writing center i was able to pick great tricks and techniques to implement in my writing for the future. If any of my fellow students is struggling with an assignment or needs help to make a good paper sound great then i highly recommend making an appointment with the writing center.

Take advantage of the resources you have. The writing center is one of the best academic resources at Baruch and the people there are very eager to help.

Any writing you’re doing, bring it!

April 2015

Fave GoTo.

Definitely worth using this Baruch resource – it can help with everything from a standard essay to one’s capstone project. Having more than your own pair of eyes is always useful.

Regardless of your level of writing skills, the writing center will always be the best choice for a perfected writing assignment and help you get the best grade you can.

Do NOT wait until your very last semester before you use the Writing Center!

While the online alternative is great if you can’t get into the center, there is nothing like a face-to-face session to really get a handle on what you want to do next!

The writing center is great resource that I urge everyone to take advance of. whether you are a strong writer or not, it’s a good idea to have another set of eyes look over your papers.

I feel many student should encounter the writing center. It’s a great experience and an experience that is useful.

yes , it is very helpful, it shows someone else point of view, sometimes when we write papers we are too objective or maybe we didn’t really understand assignment and tutor will definitely point these things out which will help modify and get a better grade

I would absolutely encourage students to go see someone in the writing center. I believe a consultant in the writing center will be able to enhance any student’s writing performance.

Coming before starting a new essay, it saves you time and answered all those questions you have before and while  writing. Just Great!!

March 2015

Please go to the writing center!

I had such a weak background with writing papers. I tried my best to avoid having a class with a paper involved but I was never able to have that happen. So I made the choice of coming to the writing center to help me gain better writing abilities. I’ve been working with a consultant for about 2 years now at Baruch and every session I have with her definitely increases my writing skills. The paper I’ve been working on over my past sessions this semester, we were able to see my how much my writing has improved since I first began working on writing better. I use writing skills that I’ve never had before and it definitely pays off.

The writing center is for all types of writers and you don’t need a draft, just come in with an idea and you will receive all the help you could want.

The writing center is a very useful resource that most students should use to do well on their paper.

You can bring your writing at any stage, be a first draft, outline, revision whatever and get help.

Go to it. Your essay will improve and you will learn new techniques to edit your essay.

Sometimes our work just looks flawless but it is not until we go over with someone that we see the mistakes in it. The Writing Center is a very helpful resource for students and provides great help for all kinds of writings.

The writing center isn’t there to write your paper for you, but they will help you make your paper more organized and reevaluate your thesis and examples to create a stronger essay.

The Writing Center is the most useful resource if you have trouble or struggles with your papers. I find this center to be very convenient, it can be either conducted through online or in person.

Don’t be afraid to go even if you are completely clueless about your essay, it will help you think of something.

You need it. Trust me.

I will tell my fellow students to visit the writing center very often.

Use it as it is a great resource to have extra eyes on a paper before submission. My opening paragraph was improved based on the recommendations of the consultant.

I’m really shy, but I’m extremely glad I went to the Writing Center. I’ll definitely be coming to the Writing Center more often. Fair warning, be sure to set your appointment early!

February 2015

The writing center is very friendly and people shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help on their writing.

I am very happy for having the chance of knowing that there is help to help me write better!!! 🙂

I found this type of workshops help the student in how to develop a good paper. I found it extremely important to write a great essay or report paper.

It’s a nice resource for international students. We should take advantage of it.

Make visits as many as you can to improve writing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

The Writing Center is an excellent resource if your professors have a limited amount of time to work with you. You’re sure to leave with a better paper and a better sense of what you’re doing.

January 2015

I will definitely recommend the Writing Center to all other students who are struggling with their writings.

Writing is a constant improvement, so it takes time to achieve a perfect writing skill. If they keep constantly going to the writing center, their writing skill will definitely improve by the end of their course

going to the writing center is always a good idea

December 2014

I would tell my fellow students to check out the writing center.

The Writing Center provides a lot of useful material for different kind of papers for each course! Very efficient conferences!

Visiting the writing center makes a tremendous difference!


This is a very flexible service that is designed to fulfill the students individual needs for that project.

I was blown away by the results from this one on one session. The writing center is definitely a valuable resource.

The consultant helped me discover and improve a pattern of my mistakes. He really helps you improve your writing not just your paper and encourages whatever right thing you are doing. Over all, he was very patient, kind and fun to work with. As a person who runs away from writing essays, I feel confident about my paper now and I would love to have a professor helpful as him.

A great expansion and improvement to my life!

Everyone so friendly and welcoming, it feels like my home away from home!

The writing center is the best program Baruch run so far, or I have seen. Students have to be well prepare before going at writing center. Students would get great feedback from writing consultants if they did most of the work before visit the writing center.

Yes, definitely, they are helpful and insightful. It is always refreshing to have a second point of view especially since they are experienced writers themselves.