For Syllabi

Want to encourage your students to take full advantage of the writing support available to them? Please consider using language below for easy inclusion in your syllabi.

On the Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free one-to-one and small-group workshop writing support to all Baruch students. The Center’s professional consultants work collaboratively with you to deepen your writing and English language skills. At any step in the process, they’ll help you become a more independent, confident, and versatile writer. You’re encouraged to schedule your appointment well in advance of when your writing is due. To get connected, log on to their website,, to learn more.

On Academic Integrity

The Writing Center offers support in source evaluation and use, citation, and plagiarism avoidance. In one-to-one consultations, you can share your notes, drafts, and research materials with an instructor of college writing to ensure effective source presentation and citation. In addition to individual sessions, the Center offers a small-group workshop in Ethical Writing and Source Use. More information is available at

Please note: Although we encourage you to suggest that students use the Writing Center as a resource, we ask that faculty do not require students to come as part of a class’s requirements. Read more here.