Online Resources

As much as we love to see you in the Writing Center or in the Library, we know that sometimes, you’d like help where you are, when you need it—an online appointment, a quick answer, or a link to other resources. That’s why we provide…

Online Consultation Services

(Open to current Baruch students only)

We offer online chat consultations and written feedback from our professional consultants in the Writing Center.

And you can always schedule an appointment online.

Online Resources

Our online resources include:

Handouts from our Workshops, a collection of our helpful handouts from the Writing Center’s own workshop series.

Writing Resources and Strategies we like best and use most in the Writing Center—on everything from grammar to developing a thesis and writing a cover letter.

Our Faculty Interview Series, which presents video interviews with Baruch professors who offer expert insights into writing in fields across the College

Lexington Review, our online journal of outstanding Baruch student writing (and guides to help you learn from the pieces we publish)

Links to other Baruch Services that can help support you in your quest for academic and career success