Resources for Students

In addition to our core services—face-to-face sessions, online chat, written feedback, workshops, and peer review—we create and collect writing guides to help students find answers to common questions about the writing process (from generic expectations to citation styles), to plan their next writing steps, and to revise productively.

Guides from Our Center

These resources were created by Baruch’s own writing consultants. Some come from our workshops, while others were developed for use in one-to-one sessions.

Writing Resources and Strategies

Here, we’ve collected the resources we like best and use most in the Writing Center—on everything from correcting grammatical errors, to developing a thesis, to writing a cover letter.

Our Faculty Interview Series

This series presents video interviews with Baruch professors who offer expert insights into writing in fields across the College.

Lexington Review

The Lexington Review is our online journal of outstanding Baruch student writing (and guides to help you learn from the pieces we publish).

Other Baruch Services

Across the college, you can find support for academic and career success.