Analysis & Argument

A strong thesis statement. Compelling evidence and support. Critical thinking. Click below for resources on decoding and implementing these high-level skills required in almost every college writing assignment.For further support, check out our workshop series on Reading and Interpretation or Structuring an Argument, or schedule an appointment with one of our writing consultants.

Critical Reading Critical Reading Skills
Close Reading
Taking Effective Notes
Strategic Note-Taking
Analyzing Texts

Critical Thinking Skills What is an Argument?
Constructing a Logical Argument

Thesis Useful Language for Thesis Statements
Narrow and Debatable Theses
Developing a Thesis Statement
5 Criteria for Effective Thesis Statements
Developing and Evaluating Your Thesis

Developing and Complicating Ideas Posing an Academic Problem
Organizing Arguments

Audience Writing for Academic Audiences
Adapting to Your Audience
Audience Awareness

Support and Evidence Finding, Evaluating, and Incorporating Evidence
Supporting Arguments in Business Writing

Cultural Writing
American Academic Writing Conventions
Cultural Norms in American Higher Education
Understanding Assignment Instructions