Grammar, Punctuation & Mechanics


Grammar not only affects our clarity, but also can add authority, enhance meaning, and create a more sophisticated voice. Check out the following links for a list of common concerns arranged by subject as well as commonly asked questions and practice quizzes.For further support, schedule an appointment with one of our writing consultants.
List of Common Errors

Syntax and
Sentence Structure
Sentence Structure and Types of Sentences
Creating Readability Through Syntax
Dangling Participles
Dangling Participles Exercise
Parallel Structure
Split Infinitives
Split Infinitives Exercise

Comma Splices, Run-ons,
and Fragments
Comma Splices
Run-on Sentences
Sentence Fragments
Proofreading Guide for Common Errors

Subject-Verb Agreement Subject-Verb Agreement

Verbs Using Verbs
Modal Verbs

Verb Tense Tense Use in Academic Writing
Tense Use in Literary Response Essays

Nouns and Pronouns Plurals
Using Pronouns Clearly
Pronoun Reference Rules

Preposition Usage Prepositions
Preposition Exercise
Word List with Prepositions

Articles Article Use in Context
Articles Guide (with chart)
Special Cases for Articles
Exercise in Choosing Articles
Exercise in Choosing Articles, Part 2

Commonly Confused Words Lay vs. Lie
Lay vs. Lie Exercise
Which vs. That
Which vs. That Exercise
Who vs. Whom

General Punctuation Punctuation Guide
Punctuation Overview

Comma Usage Rules for Comma Use
5 Places to Use Commas
Commas Exercise

Semicolon and Colon Usage Semicolons
Semicolons Video
Semicolons Exercise
Colons Exercise

Possessives Possessives
Possessives Exercise

Hyphens and Dashes Hyphens
Hyphens Exercise
Using Dashes

Quotation Marks Punctuating Quotations
Punctuating Quotations Exercise

Parenthesis and Ellipses Parentheses

Mechanics Capitalization
Using Italics and Underlining
Italics Exercise (editing)
Punctuating Titles
Writing Numbers
Mechanics Review Exercise