Professional Writing & Presentations

We know that mastering business writing is not just about passing courses, but also landing that dream internship or job. The following resources break down the style of business writing as well as its standard forms.For further support, schedule an appointment with one of our writing consultants.

The Business Letter Business Writing in Letters
Sample Letters
Business Letter Format

The Business Memo Audience and Purpose
Parts of a Memo
Sample Business Memo One
Sample Business Memo Two

The Executive Summary Executive Summary Overview
Powerful Summaries: Audience and Style
Annotated Examples of Strong and Weak Summaries

Oral and PowerPoint Presentations Oral Presentations Overview
Structuring Research Presentations
Presentation Introductions and Conclusions
Engaging Your Audience
Spoken vs. Written Clarity
Tips for Effective Delivery
Using Visual Support
Creating PowerPoint Presentations
Citing in Oral Presentations

The Application Process:
The Resume
Introduction and Expectations for Resumes
Resume Design
Organization and Samples
Organization Options
Action Verbs and Key Words

The Application Process:
The Business Cover Letter
Cover Letter Overview
General Framework
Cover Letter Format and Organization
Cover Letters: Types and Samples
Model Cover Letter
Sentence Structures Used in Cover Letters
Describing Job Skills
Action Verbs

The Application Process:
The Statement of Purpose
Writing the Personal Statement
Effective Admissions Letters
Key Rules and Common Mistakes
Statement of Purpose Samples
Advice from Admissions Readers

The Application Process:
The Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae Overview
CVs vs. Resumes
Content and Organization
Sample CVs

The Application Process:
The Academic Cover Letter
Academic Cover Letter Overview
Teaching Philosophy Samples

The Application Process: General Reading Job Ads and Researching Companies
Tailoring Documents for Employers
Tips and Terms for International Students

Email General Email Etiquette
Email Guidelines and Etiquette
Formatting Business Email
Powerpoint Presentation on Email Etiquette for Students
New York Times Article on Emailing Professors