The Writing Process

Don’t know where to start? Or need help in creating a polished final piece? Below are some useful resources to help you understand your assignment, get some ideas down on the page, and revise and proofread your writing.For further support, check out our workshop series on Revising and Process, or schedule an appointment with one of our writing consultants.

Understanding Assignments How to Read an Assignment
Interpreting Assignments
Common Assignment Types
Verbs and Associated Writing Tasks
Understanding Assignment Instructions
Assignment Verbs Explained

Getting Started Brainstorming
Outlining and Planning

Drafting Strategies Drafting Strategies

Revising Revising Strategically (HOCs and LOCs)
How and Why to Revise
Reverse Outlining as a Revision Strategy
Guide to Revising and Editing
Reorganizing Drafts

Editing and Proofreading Strategies Editing and Proofreading Overview
Reading to Edit
Paramedic Strategy for Sentence Editing
Editing Guide for Language