Writing in the Disciplines


Why does your philosophy professor love what your psychology professor hates? What goes in a review? Or an abstract? Read below to learn about expectations and conventions of writing in different fields and genres.For further support, check out our Faculty Interview Series on Writing with Research, or schedule an appointment with one of our writing consultants.

Standard Essay Forms:
The Compare and Contrast Essay
Comparison and Contrast Overview
Comparing and Contrasting Strategies
Comparative Analysis
Two Sample Structures
Comparing and Contrasting on a Sentence Level
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Standard Essay Forms:
The Persuasive Essay
Persuasive Essay Structure
Persuasive Essay Sample

Standard Essay Forms:
The Narrative Essay
Aims and Organization
Starting a Narrative Essay
Video on Narrative Essay
Narrative Essay Sample

Standard Essay Forms:
The Descriptive Essay
Descriptive Essay Overview
Questions to Consider When Choosing a Topic

Standard Essay Forms:
The Response Paper
Response/Reaction Paper Overview
Brainstorming and Organization
Sample Response Essay
Sample Short Response Papers

Standard Essay Forms:
Research Papers
Literature Reviews for Research Papers

Standard Essay Forms:
In-Class Essay Exams
Essay Exam Overview
Preparing for and Writing the Exam
Sample Formats

Standard Essay Forms:
The Scientific Report
Overview of Scientific Writing
Scientific Report Overview
The Lab Report
Sample Report

Common Academic Forms Writing an Abstract
Writing an Academic Proposal

Writing in the Disciplines Writing in Anthropology
Writing in Art History
Writing in Communication Studies
Writing in Drama Studies
Writing in English
Writing in History
Writing in Philosophy
Writing in Psychology
Writing in Political Science
Writing in Religious Studies
Writing in the Sciences
Writing in Sociology

Analysis and Review:
Literary Analysis
Close Reading
How to Do Close Reading
Purpose, Approach, Planning and Organization
Using Literary Quotations
Common Literary Analysis Terms
A List of Literary Terms
Literary Analysis Essay Sample

Analysis and Review:
Poetry Analysis
Writing About Poetry
How to Read a Poem
Explicating Poetry
Annotated Sample Poetry Essay

Analysis and Review:
Art Analysis
Model Visual Analysis
Writing in Art History
Sample Formal Analysis Papers

Analysis and Review:
Performance Review
How to Review a Play

Analysis and Review:
Film Review
Writing About Film
Visual Rhetoric and Visual Literacy
Review Essay Sample