Peer Review

Peer Review sessions provide an opportunity to work collaboratively in a community of interested peers, with a Writing Center consultant acting as a facilitator. In a Peer Review group, you can expect to

  • Share your writing with other students, and read the work of others
  • Receive and provide readerly feedback
  • Learn strategies for targeted revision based on feedback
  • Set goals for your writing and keep each other accountable

The facilitator will work primarily as another interested reader, and as a model of productive readerly response. Peer Review Groups are different from one-to-one consultations, in that they are primarily working with and learning from the feedback of other students, not a professional consultant. Similarly, Peer Review Groups are unlike conventional classes or workshops, in that there are no lessons plans, and the group’s goals are collaborative and determined by the members.

To Form Your Own Peer Review Group

If you have an existing group of student writers who would like to form a Peer Review Group—from the same club, class, or simply friends —you can submit a request to meet weekly (or biweekly) with a writing consultant facilitator. The facilitator will act initially as a group leader who will organize each session and model productive feedback. The group should expect to grow increasingly independent over the course of their meetings, with the facilitator taking a more hands-off role as time goes on.

If you have any questions about Peer Review Groups, please feel free to contact Diana Hamilton, Director of the Writing Center, at