Written Feedback

Sometimes a writer just wants to hear how a reader experiences a draft. Which idea is most interesting? Where am I being the clearest, and where am I being confusing? Can you easily summarize my argument?

These kinds of needs can often be met by submitting your draft for Written Feedback. This service offers you the opportunity to receive feedback from a consultant via email. Upload your draft to our online scheduler, along with the two or three questions you’d like us to address. We’ll return your paper with a response to guide your next steps.

To submit your paper, look for the dropdown menu in the middle of the scheduler’s main page. Select “Written Feedback Dropbox,” and then click on today’s group appointment. The pop-up window will direct you to upload your document. You can submit as many different requests for feedback as you wish, though all students are limited to two hours of consultation a week, in any combination of written feedback, face-to-face, and online sessions. So if, for example, you’ve had an appointment at the Library this week, we can only respond to one written feedback request, even if you have four in the queue.

Note: If you’re a returning student, you may know “Written Feedback” by the name “eTutoring.” This is the same service—we’ve just updated the name!

Turnaround time

We respond to these requests only when a consultant does not have a booked appointment and there are no walk-in students waiting in our physical space. This means we can’t guarantee we’ll get back to you before your assignment is due. Generally speaking, Written Feedback submissions are responded to within 3 business days. But there are definitely peak times of the semester—like midterms and finals—when the queue is long and turnaround time is slower.

Please note all submissions are addressed in the order they are received, not based on your assignment’s due date.